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Journey Of You Coaching and Contribution

Journey Of You Coaching and Contribution

If you haven’t lived it, someone else probably has!
I am someone who embraces life and believes that anything is possible and achievable, regardless of your current circumstance, if you truly believe it and feel it in your core, as I do. I have first-hand experience as someone who failed forward, experienced pain, loss, trauma, heartache, discrimination, and started over several times. I am continually re-inventing myself. I get de-railed and certainly know all about self-sabotage.

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With the life lessons I have learned and the training I have acquired, my commitment is to help others on their journey by sharing insights and knowledge; that I may have learned the hard way, and by creating a platform for others to share their experience and skills. If we can help each other sidestep some pain, learn from the life lessons of others, we can do this work and travel this journey together. I am trained as a Coach/therapist through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. I also have completed courses in DISC Styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness), and Enneagram Personality Profiling. I have a passion and need to help others. I believe deeply that it is at the root of my life’s purpose.

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