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Aerial View of an Estate Home

Real Estate Lifestyles

Real Estate Lifestyles

Your Home Type; Do you know that based on each person's individual personality, they most likely have a home type’, and perhaps have yet to discover it. An Extrovert personality type may like a very open and modern space with stark walls high ceilings and splashes of bright color.


A Social Introvert; who isn’t much into crowds however, loves to entertain in their own home, may appreciate a stylish and cozy home environment and decorate in warm tones. In a situation where you and your significant other have different personality types, you may have different home and decor styles. I can help you with matching your real estate to your lifestyle


My Home Style:

My passion for real estate is being a Visionary and home-style strategist; helping others find and create their ‘soul space’ and private sanctuary. People I work with benefit from a full-service suite of expertise. I work to understand the difference between wants and needs. I grew up the daughter of a residential builder; I intuitively ‘feel a space’ and see its potential. Aside from a lifetime of experience in space planning, organizing, and decorating, I am a Fengshui practitioner, I have 15+ years working with clients in the process of buying and selling. I have designed, renovated, and built residential properties, I have consulted on the design and decor of dozens of homes. I worked with an architecture firm for two years. I own a residential income property. I have 30 + years in residential property management. My training in Personality profiling helps me to understand, “Your Home Type.” I am a licensed real estate broker in the provinces of Ontario and Prince Edward Island. I have worked in Ottawa, Greater Toronto, and Charlottetown PEI, markets.

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